Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On My Way To Senator Reid's Office

I am just about to set off for Las Vegas and a meeting with Senator Harry Reid. One of his Nevada aides called last week to say that he'd like to learn more about our programs. This meeting comes at a time when we, just like everyone else in the non-profit world, are quite worried about funding for next year. Senator Reid could open some important doors for us at the Office of Violence Against Women in Washington, D.C. It's also very windy outside, and I am not fond of driving through the mountain pass that takes me from Pahrump to Las Vegas and back in high winds - it can be scary. So, I would have to say, I have butterflies in my stomach. It is one of those times when I allow my mind to empty and to focus on an image of Christ that I have in my mnd's eye - Christ as he shared the Last Supper with his disciples. This image and my thoughts of his love, comapssion, and courage give me strength and courage of my own. I pray that by the time I reach Senator Reid's office, with Christ's help, I will have laid aside my personal thoughts and concerns, and be an effective spokesperson for those we are attempting to help.

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