Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Day in the Desert

We decided to spend a reflective day in the desert. We drove over to Indian Springs to visit Auntie Moe's, a wonderful source for Native American art, crafts, and jewelry. The entire 60+ mile drive was through barren desert ringed by mountains - some with snow, others with none at all. We stopped along the way simply to reflect on the peace and beauty of it all. Standing in the vast open space with the wind buffeting our clothing, it was hard to imagine the turmoil of the populated world - a good place to pray and consider the joy of Easter Sunday. When we arrived at Auntie Moe's, we discovered that her husband had died of cancer last night. Another time for a prayer and a big hug. We plan to return to the desert - this time Death Valley - tomorrow. This is a good weekend to let it all sink in without distractions, and in a place where God's presence is so evident.

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